All 2023/24 BowlsChat Short Mat Scramble 4 Game League and Champion of Champions Qualifying combined events will be held at Ulster Transport Bowling Club, 16 Lynda Avenue, Jordanstown, County Antrim BT37 0NX.

This article will be updated with any changes to information or entries for all events.

General Information

October 2023 Schedule [EA23/24 - 01]

  • Friday 8th October 2023 - Pairs

November 2023 Schedule [EA23/24 - 02 to 07] 

  • Friday 3rd November - Singles
  • Sunday 5th November - Fours
  • Friday 10th November - Pairs
  • Sunday 12th November - Singles
  • Friday 24th November - Pairs
  • Sunday 26th November - Triples

December 2023 Schedule [EA23/24 - 08 to 11]

  • Sunday 17th December - Singles (start 3pm)
  • Friday 22nd December - Pairs
  • Friday 29th December - Pairs
  • Sunday 31st December - Triples

January 2024 Schedule [EA23/24 - 12 to 15]

  • Friday 12th January - Pairs
  • Friday 19th January - Singles
  • Friday 26th January - Pairs
  • Sunday 28th January - Fours

February 2024 Schedule [EA23/24 - 16 to 22]

  • Friday 2nd February - Pairs
  • Sunday 4th February - Triples
  • Friday 9th February - Pairs
  • Sunday 11th February - Singles
  • Friday 16th February - Pairs
  • Sunday 18th February - Fours
  • Sunday 25th February - Triples

March 2024 Schedule [EA23/24 - 23 to 30]

  • Friday 1st March - Pairs
  • Sunday 10th March - Singles
  • Friday 15th March - Pairs
  • Sunday 17th March - Fours [Event Cancelled]
  • Sunday 24th March - Triples
  • Friday 29th March - Pairs
  • Saturday 30th March - Singles (10am)
  • Saturday 30th March - Fours (3pm)
  • Sunday 31st March - Triples

April 2024 Schedule [EA23/24 - 31 to 33]

  • Sunday 14th April - Singles
  • Friday 19th April - Pairs [Cancelled - SMPT Event same weekend]
  • Sunday 21st April - Fours [Cancelled - SMPT Event same weekend]
  • Friday 26th April - Pairs
  • Sunday 28th April - Triples

May 2024 Schedule [EA23/24 - 34 to 35]

  • Sunday 5th May - Singles [Cancelled]
  • Friday 10th May - Pairs
  • Sunday 19th May - Fours [Moved to Sunday 2nd June]
  • Friday 24th May - Pairs [Cancelled]
  • Friday 31st May - Pairs

June 2024 Part 1 Schedule [EA23/24 - 36 to 37]

  • Sunday 2nd June - Triples


  • IIBA Licence Numbers shown for each month.
  • Maximum Singles (24), Pairs (16) and Triples/Fours (12).
  • There are six mats available at Ulster Transport Bowling Club.
  • Pairs are on Friday night with Singles, Triples, Fours rotating on Sunday afternoons.
  • Friday events start at 7.30pm and Sunday events start at 1pm with registration/practice from 6pm and 12 noon respectively.
  • The schedule for each month will be available in the first week of the previous month (latest) and this article will be updated with the information.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for all events is £10 per player.

Scramble League Prizes

The number and value of prizes will depend on entries, licence fee, hire of hall, vouchers and any other expenses.

Food or Drink Voucher

All players receive a voucher for a free Bowler's Bap with sausage and bacon or a large sausage roll or £3 discount off any meal or drink for use on the day of the event (see the Catering Section of the website).

The vouchers will be available at registration (6pm Friday, 12 noon Sunday) and as the bar/catering facilities are also open from 6pm on Friday night, players will be able to use their voucher for a drink or meal before the event begins at 7.30pm if they wish to do so.

The bar is open on Sunday from 1.30pm and Catering from 2pm.

Player and Team Ranking Points

Ranking Points will be awarded at all Scramble events in the 2023/24 season using the following table:

Scramble Ranking Points from 2019 onwards

Note: The total number of Games Played by each Team/Player in Group/KO events is used to determine Ranking Points but does not include byes, only actual matches played and walkovers.

Current Entries and Reserves for upcoming events in May, June 2024

Fours Sunday 19th May 2024 at 1pm (3 of 12 atm) [Moved to Sunday 2nd June]

  • ANO, Anne Mullarkey, Darren Mullarkey, James Newell
  • ANO, ANO, ANO, Lee Hall
  • ANO, ANO, ANO, Stevie McCall

Pairs Friday 24th May 2024 at 7.30pm (4 of 16 atm) [Event Cancelled]

  • Adam Gilmour, Matthew Hamilton
  • ANO, Eddie Crawford
  • Dean Craig, Ivan Craig
  • Luke Benson, Mark Benson

Pairs Friday 31st May 2024 at 7.30pm (7 of 16 atm)

  • Adam Gilmour, Matthew Hamilton
  • ANO, Aaron Ward
  • ANO, Eddie Crawford
  • Dean Craig, Ivan Craig
  • Declan McLaughlin, Robert Archibald
  • Devon Wallace, William Boggs
  • Luke Benson, Mark Benson

Triples Sunday 2nd June 2024 at 1pm (3 of 12 atm)

  • Adam Gilmour, Rose Hoy, Tom Lithco
  • David McCullough, Dean Craig, Ivan Craig
  • James Stevenson, Katie Stevenson, Stevie McCall

Fours Sunday 2nd June 2024 at 3pm (3 of 12 atm) [Moved from Sunday 19th May]

  • Adam Gilmour, Joyce Lithco, Rose Hoy, Tom Lithco
  • David Bryans, David McCullough, Dean Craig, Ivan Craig
  • James Stevenson, Katie Stevenson, Richard Nash, Stevie McCall